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Kent Brothers have been trained and certified in Concrete Raising, or Slab Jacking. If concrete, that is in good condition, has settled due to poor (initial) compaction, erosion or some other cause that has undermined the sub-base beneath the concrete, causing the concrete to settle, we can raise it back to it’s original position.

Some of the applications include, but are not limited to, patios, sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, basement floors, swimming pool decks and warehouse floors.

This process is completed by drilling 1 1/2” holes in the concrete then pumping a slurry mixture, under pressure, into the holes thus filling the existing voids and lifting the concrete back to it’s original position.

The holes are then patched with a quick drying cement mix. In most cases the concrete surface is immediately useable. The slurry mix hardens creating a new, permanent sub-base.

Using the example of a settled back yard patio that is causing rain water to flow toward the foundation. Lets compare the alternative to Concrete Raising.

concrete raising processCONVENTIONAL METHOD: 1) Break up, remove and dispose of the entire concrete patio. 2) Bring in additional gravel to build up the area that has settled. Compact new gravel base. 3) Form, pour and finish new concrete. (at least a 3 cubic yard minimum from concrete supplier) 4) The next day, forms are removed. 5) Loam and seed all affected areas. The last step includes repairing the damage caused by a Bobcat or similar piece of heavy equipment used for moving broken concrete to a loading area for dump truck as well as the damage caused by a 30+ ton cement mixer that had to be driven into your back yard. (hopefully no septic system or dry well near work area!) Count on this project to take at least 2-3 days.

CONCRETE RAISING METHOD: 1) Drill a series of 1 1/2” holes in selected locations in the patio. 2) Guide a self-propelled slurry pump across the grass to the area near the patio. 3) Begin the process of pumping the slurry through the hose into the holes to fill the void beneath the patio. As the void is eliminated the concrete begins to rise back to its original position. Final “adjustment” leaves patio pitching away from the house. 4) Patch holes with quick drying cement mix. 5) Back rake grass with leaf rake to eliminate slurry pump tire track outlines. Job Complete! 6) Load drill and pump onto truck. Off to the next job.  During process the mobile mixer truck was parked in street or driveway. No damage to lawn. Immediate foot traffic on patio allowed. Entire process took less than 3 hours.

Concrete Raising is a cost saving alternative to replacement. If the concrete is in good condition DON’T REPLACE IT, RAISE IT!

Raising settled concrete eliminates the higher cost of replacement. Addressing the problem of settled concrete using our method also eliminates a very important problem homeowners and business owners alike may face if there is a hazard caused by settled concrete on their property. Law suits! Thousands of law suits are filed, and won, each year due to injuries suffered in a fall caused by an uneven walk surface.

Do not allow this to happen to you. Address the problem today!

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